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The Foundation For Women publish "KAMLA" 
a book on the life of a girl who was deceived 
into prostitution and met with a tragic end,

It is hoped that Kamla's life story may serve as a precaution 
and reminder for other rural girls about what really happens, 
and the pain and torture suffered by those who have been lured 
into the cities and forced to sell their bodies.

Voices of Thai women





Issue 20 May 2003

  • Human Trafficking : From Vertical to Horizontal Journey
  • Discourse on Violence against Women : The case of Marital Rape
  • Breaking the cycle of pain
  • Domestic Violence and Women's Health in Thailand
  • Human Traffic, Human Right : Redefining Victim Protection
  • Foundation for Women and Activities in 2002
  • What Women Gain from Decentralisation?
  • First Thai woman ordined Novice is divorced with two children




Issue 19 December 2000

  • Two Decades of Women Development in Thailand
  • Women and Globalization
  • –Some key Issues
  • Sexual Exploitation in The Prostitution Context
  • Rural Poor Reclaim Their Rights to Livelihood
  • If we All Gave Love a Ghance
  • Hunger strike a weapon of the poor
  • Impact of Biased Depictions of Tribal People in The Media

Newspage :

  • When People Say No to Infrastructure Development
  • CAMBODIA : Briton jailed for filming child porn Kandal, Cambodia, Reuters
  • New sex studies curriculum
  • Uniformed Thai women grounded at narita



Issue 18 December 1999

  • Assistance to Migrant Women and Children
  • Trafficking of Women and Women's Health
  • When Diplomatic Immunity Impinges on the Rights and Safety of Women
  • Student Prostitution Materialism and Moral Degeneration?
  • The Role of Local Goverment
  • The Case of Kae
  • 1999 Memorandum of Understanding
  • Human Rights Watchdog
  • In Solodarity with the Women of East Timor


  • 87 Prostitutes Deported
  • Police chief vows better protection for victims
  • Alliance backs bill in name equality Council of States's view critised Sexual discrimination tackled
  • Health cards questioned by entertainment workers
  • Sex trade theratedns NZ visa rights
  • Cambodia Rejects Talk of Legalising Prostituion
  • ISPs warned to block porn access
  • Kuwait arrests 107 prostitutes


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