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Voices of Thai women





Issue 20 May 2003

  • Human Trafficking : From Vertical to Horizontal Journey
  • Discourse on Violence against Women : The case of Marital Rape
  • Breaking the cycle of pain
  • Domestic Violence and Women's Health in Thailand
  • Human Traffic, Human Right : Redefining Victim Protection
  • Foundation for Women and Activities in 2002
  • What Women Gain from Decentralisation?
  • First Thai woman ordined Novice is divorced with two children




Issue 19 December 2000

  • Two Decades of Women Development in Thailand
  • Women and Globalization
  • –Some key Issues
  • Sexual Exploitation in The Prostitution Context
  • Rural Poor Reclaim Their Rights to Livelihood
  • If we All Gave Love a Ghance
  • Hunger strike a weapon of the poor
  • Impact of Biased Depictions of Tribal People in The Media

Newspage :

  • When People Say No to Infrastructure Development
  • CAMBODIA : Briton jailed for filming child porn Kandal, Cambodia, Reuters
  • New sex studies curriculum
  • Uniformed Thai women grounded at narita



Issue 18 December 1999

  • Assistance to Migrant Women and Children
  • Trafficking of Women and Women's Health
  • When Diplomatic Immunity Impinges on the Rights and Safety of Women
  • Student Prostitution Materialism and Moral Degeneration?
  • The Role of Local Goverment
  • The Case of Kae
  • 1999 Memorandum of Understanding
  • Human Rights Watchdog
  • In Solodarity with the Women of East Timor


  • 87 Prostitutes Deported
  • Police chief vows better protection for victims
  • Alliance backs bill in name equality Council of States's view critised Sexual discrimination tackled
  • Health cards questioned by entertainment workers
  • Sex trade theratedns NZ visa rights
  • Cambodia Rejects Talk of Legalising Prostituion
  • ISPs warned to block porn access
  • Kuwait arrests 107 prostitutes


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