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Women in the New Millennium


Women in the New Millennium

To welcome the New Millennium and the New year 2001
FFW has published a diary : Women in the new Millennium.
The Diary is in full color, bilingual printing, 128 pages,
14 cm x 21.50 cm, sized, 150 baht each.
It contains 24 high quality reproduction of contemporary arts work 
by 19 remowned Thai women artists.

The content of the diary is about women's movement in thailand,
from the past to present, which includes women's role in labour movement,
political participation and social development. 

it also includes list of women's organizations in Thailand. 
The proceeds from the sale of the diary will go to women and girls in projects 
under the care of FFW.

Rural Women's Educational Media


Rural Women's Educational Media

Women's Educational Media try to point out 

that women's problems are not isolated from social problems,

Moreover, they are relevant to the socio-economic, 

political and cultural structure. The analysis of and some solutions to women's problems 

have to be relevant to the structures mentioned.





In the Northeastern part of Thailand, 
drought and umemployment cause labour migration 
to the towns and cities especially Bangkok.

Women and girls face low-paid employment, 
sexual prejudice and sexual harassment. 
Many of them are drawn or forced into prostitution.

To tackle northeastern prostitution, 
the Kamla Project published Kamkaew, 
a story of a young girl called Kamkaew from the Northeast. 
Her Life in Bangkok was not easy, which is why she was forced into prostitution. 

The Story is intended to make young girls 
and related persons aware 
of the current situation of child prostitution.




The Foundation For Women publish "KAMLA" 
a book on the life of a girl who was deceived 
into prostitution and met with a tragic end,

It is hoped that Kamla's life story may serve as a precaution 
and reminder for other rural girls about what really happens, 
and the pain and torture suffered by those who have been lured 
into the cities and forced to sell their bodies.