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We Care Double trouble



Today, as people around the world celebrate International Women's Day, scores of tsunami widows are still waiting for help. Uppermost in their minds is the hope of getting long-term scholarships for their children and assistance in finding jobs

Story and photos by Sanitsuda Ekachai

Widowed by the tsunami, many young mothers are facing an uphill struggle to rebuild their lives.

She used to be full of hope. But her world suddenly went dark the day that a wrathful ocean robbed her of both husband and father in one fell swoop. "We were planning to sell the fish we'd raised to build a little house of our own," recalls Jamriang Niyomdecha, 31, of Baan Hin Laad, a Muslim village in Phang-nga's Khura Buri district.

"That was the dream we had together." Her voice trembles then she begins sobbing quietly, holding her one-year-old son more tightly to her bosom. Her eldest, a girl, is only three. Read the rest of this entry »

We met in Aceh realising the significance and challenges women face in the tsunami aftermath.

1. Gender discrimination and women’s human rights violations. Thousands of women and children in the affected countries still live in camps and other temporary facilities which lack adequate sanitation, clean water, health services and security. Government compensations have not reached them or are insufficient to restore their livelihoods. In Thailand, women are discriminated even in death: funeral expenses paid for men’s death are twice as much as that for women’s.

2. Women’s right to food is violated. People are on the verge of starvation getting one meal a day. The food rations provided are of very low quality. This affects health of children and pregnant, breast feeding and elderly women. Read the rest of this entry »