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Weaving New Lives with Andaman Women and Children Project



On 26 December 2004, the seaquake – Tsunami was crashed into the six coastal provinces of the southern of Thailand, which are Phuket, Phanga, Ranong, Krabi, Trang and Satun. The natural disaster has brought human suffering and loss as never before in human history. Apart from the large number of casualties and missing people, there is a loss of properties, and means of livelihood.

 The Foundation for Women (FFW) has been deeply concerned on this human tragedy and realized the need to provide assistance to affected people especially women and children and has sent FFW staffs to do the survey and assess the needs and concerns of women and children affected by Tsunami in the affected areas (Kuraburi District, Phang-nga and Bangtao Village, Talhang district, Phuket),

Therefore, FFW has developed the project “Weaving New Lives with Andaman Women and Children” to response to the problems of women and children affected by the seaquake- Tsunami and to promote gender sensitivity approach and empower the affected women and children to participate in community reconstruction and sustainability of natural resources and their livelihood.


1. To provide counseling and recovery activities responding to the needs of affected women and children;

2. To promote participation and empower women and children to sustain their livelihood and natural resources;

3. To promote self agencies and representation of women and children in public forum to claiming the rights they are entitled to;

4. To prevent and protect affected women and children from potential victims of any forms of gender-based violence; 

5. To document the gender impact of Tsunami and relief work.


Target groups: The project will work with women and children in affected areas that can be classified into 4 groups: 

1. Women and children who are in traumatic situation due to the loss of their basic needs and means of livelihood

2. Women head of household who are in difficult situation to support their children and family members.

3. The seagypsy-Moken who have been displaced from their original community.

4. Migrant women and children (Thai and non-Thai) who are deprived of access to remedy and potential victims of gender-based violence.


Target Areas: areas of implementation will be classified into 2 categories:

1. Specific target areas where FFW has gradually established contact with local women and children which are: Kuraburi District, Phang-nga and Bangtao Village, Talhang district, Phuket

2. General affected areas where there are a high number of migrant workers both Thai and non-Thai in the 6 provinces, Phang-nga, Phuket, Krabi, Ranong, Satun, and Trang. 

Duration of Project: 3 years (2005-2007)


Project Implementation

FFW has set up a coordinating center in Kuraburi District, Phang-nga and implementing activities as following:

• Provide psychological counseling and organize recovery activities for women and children affected by Tsunami;

• Outreach activities: FFW arranging the outreach team to assess needs and concerns of women and children affected by tsunami and organize psychological and recovery activities;

• Build up Peer Support Groups: FFW will organize training for peer group members. The training will include basic counseling for people affected by natural disaster, gender sensitive approach and specific needs of Tsunami victims.

• Funding Support: FFW will work with peer group members to identify women who have become head of household after Tsunami disaster. Funds will be provided for women who take care of their family and/or deprived of means of income. FFW will visit the women beneficiaries on regular basis to assist them making long-term plan to sustain their livelihood. 

• Recovery activities for children: FFW will send two volunteer teachers to organize recovery programmes for children in the affected area. School children will be given information on Tsunami and experiences from other countries. Impact from the Tsunami will be documented from experiences of the children. A book from the children’s perspective on Tsunami will be published and disseminated to public and children in other regions.

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