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Volunteer Teacher at Kamla School, Phuket



Kamla School is one school that has been affected by Tsunami 

and from this tragedy the school had lost 1 teacher and 5 children from the total of 345 had lost their mothers. The immediate assistance had been provided to them at the beginning but they also need long-term support to sustain their lives. Not only those, the houses of children from 49 families have been damaged and need urgent repair and as a result from these 21 children had resigned from school to study somewhere else.

The Kamla School Principal, Mr. Preecha Khuaenrak, told staffs of Foundation For Women (FFW) who have been visited affected areas that what the school want most now is to make children have adequate time to study and preparing themselves for the examination on this coming March 2005. After FFW had put the announcement for volunteer teacher there are many people interested and want to apply to teach the following subjects: Mathematics, Science and English and the teaching has already started on 15 February 2005.

FFW would like to thank all people who help us to circulate this information including people who giving support and interested to follow up the relief work for affected women and children from Tsunami.

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