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The Foundation for Women Giving Assistance to Tsunami-affected


It’s been over a month since the tsunami rage over the Andaman coast of Thailand, the disaster continues in the lives of the residents in the Andaman coast of Thailand. Assistance from the public and private section has not been sufficient and missing women and children living in some areas including the Bangthao Village, Thalang district, Phuket

This village is located in the state-owned land, about 500-700 metres away from the beach of Bangthao. The residents were Muslims and related to one another. The tsunamis did not claim their houses but took away their means of livelihoods and occupational tools. The women, formerly traders, now lack tools and capital to restart their businesses. Those who used to make earning from tourists such as being a cleaner in hotels and guesthouses are unemployed. It is hard to predict when they can resume their employment. Moreover, the women and children are suffering from the tsunami trauma: would the tidal wave return? Each night the villagers take shifts to monitor wave movements. The children often cry, fearing the tsunamis would return.

The Bangtahao villagers need more help. Seed money to restart businesses. Counseling to get rid of the fear of tsunamis. These could help them getting back on their feet. To date, they have received simply life necessity. 

After our first visit to the Bangthao during 8-10 January 2005, staffs of the Foundation for Women have been able to assess the needs of women and children. Funds were mobilized successfully. On 31 January 2005, our staff revisited the Bangthao village and gave assistance grants to women and children from 16 households. Each family received THB 5,000, totaling THB 80,000. The assistance grant could not make up for their loss. But it could help temporarily assuage the pain and sufferings each family has had to endure and to encourage the women and children to resume life.

Chanthira is one of the grant recipients. She would use the money to fix her food stall and spare some as seed money for her food business. Her female siblings and relatives would participate in her endeavor. Wanida will be able to use the money to repair her grocery store and place order for new lots of goods. Urai wants to learn how to make batik clothes. She doesn’t have the skill yet but belives she could learn and practice in this new career.

The foundation for Women would like to thank the following who have helped contributing for the causes of these women and children:

– Mr Christopher Moore (THB 20,000)

– Ms Busakorn Suriyasarn (THB 10,000)

– Ms Mukda Sunkool, Ms Urmila Sarkar, Mr Wahidur Rahman, Ms Parissara Liewkeat (THB 25,000)

– Mr Chaiyan Rachakook (THB 6,600)

– Hokkaido Thailand Club (500,000 Yen and THB 200)

(by the co-ordinate from KhunSamut Tungsaleekaset, Hokkaido University)

For future contribution, 

the Foundation will distribute them to affected women and children in other areas.

To date, the foundation has identified about 100 women and children.

A long-term occupational training and psychosocial counseling will be of significance help to them. If you wish to support these women and children through the Foundation for Women, you can deposit your contribution to:

Foundation for Women, Kasikorn Thai Bank, Account Number 038-2-18085-2;

Or email for more information

or visit our website at www.womenthai.org.

Our staff can be reached by phone at 66-2-435-1246; 66-2-433-5149

Thank you.

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