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Joint Statement The Coalition of Women and Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LBTI) Women in Thailand on Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

un-cedaw_0We, the Coalition of Women and LBTI Women in Thailand on CEDAW (the Coalition) call on the Thai Government to effectively implement the recommendations adopted by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (the CEDAW Committee).

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Weaving New Lives with Andaman Women and Children Project



On 26 December 2004, the seaquake – Tsunami was crashed into the six coastal provinces of the southern of Thailand, which are Phuket, Phanga, Ranong, Krabi, Trang and Satun. The natural disaster has brought human suffering and loss as never before in human history. Apart from the large number of casualties and missing people, there is a loss of properties, and means of livelihood.

 The Foundation for Women (FFW) has been deeply concerned on this human tragedy and realized the need to provide assistance to affected people especially women and children and has sent FFW staffs to do the survey and assess the needs and concerns of women and children affected by Tsunami in the affected areas (Kuraburi District, Phang-nga and Bangtao Village, Talhang district, Phuket), Read More »

We Care Double trouble



Today, as people around the world celebrate International Women's Day, scores of tsunami widows are still waiting for help. Uppermost in their minds is the hope of getting long-term scholarships for their children and assistance in finding jobs

Story and photos by Sanitsuda Ekachai

Widowed by the tsunami, many young mothers are facing an uphill struggle to rebuild their lives.

She used to be full of hope. But her world suddenly went dark the day that a wrathful ocean robbed her of both husband and father in one fell swoop. "We were planning to sell the fish we'd raised to build a little house of our own," recalls Jamriang Niyomdecha, 31, of Baan Hin Laad, a Muslim village in Phang-nga's Khura Buri district.

"That was the dream we had together." Her voice trembles then she begins sobbing quietly, holding her one-year-old son more tightly to her bosom. Her eldest, a girl, is only three. Read More »

Volunteer Teacher at Kamla School, Phuket



Kamla School is one school that has been affected by Tsunami 

and from this tragedy the school had lost 1 teacher and 5 children from the total of 345 had lost their mothers. The immediate assistance had been provided to them at the beginning but they also need long-term support to sustain their lives. Not only those, the houses of children from 49 families have been damaged and need urgent repair and as a result from these 21 children had resigned from school to study somewhere else. Read More »

STATEMENT Asian Women’s Consultation on Post Tsunami Challenges


The Foundation For Women (FFW) has sent one staff together with a women affected by Tsunami from Phang-gna to participate in Asian Women’s Consultation on Post Tsunami Challenges, which has been hold on 25-27 July 2005, in Aceh, Indonesia and the statement from the meeting is below: 

We, over 60 women, survivors of the tsunami and activists involved in the tsunami relief and reconstruction efforts, from India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia gathered in Banda Aceh in the village of Lambaro Seubun on July 25-27, 2005, for the Asian Women’s Consultation on Post Tsunami Challenges. Read More »

We met in Aceh realising the significance and challenges women face in the tsunami aftermath.

1. Gender discrimination and women’s human rights violations. Thousands of women and children in the affected countries still live in camps and other temporary facilities which lack adequate sanitation, clean water, health services and security. Government compensations have not reached them or are insufficient to restore their livelihoods. In Thailand, women are discriminated even in death: funeral expenses paid for men’s death are twice as much as that for women’s.

2. Women’s right to food is violated. People are on the verge of starvation getting one meal a day. The food rations provided are of very low quality. This affects health of children and pregnant, breast feeding and elderly women. Read More »

The Foundation for Women Giving Assistance to Tsunami-affected


It’s been over a month since the tsunami rage over the Andaman coast of Thailand, the disaster continues in the lives of the residents in the Andaman coast of Thailand. Assistance from the public and private section has not been sufficient and missing women and children living in some areas including the Bangthao Village, Thalang district, Phuket

This village is located in the state-owned land, about 500-700 metres away from the beach of Bangthao. The residents were Muslims and related to one another. The tsunamis did not claim their houses but took away their means of livelihoods and occupational tools. The women, formerly traders, now lack tools and capital to restart their businesses. Those who used to make earning from tourists such as being a cleaner in hotels and guesthouses are unemployed. It is hard to predict when they can resume their employment. Moreover, the women and children are suffering from the tsunami trauma: would the tidal wave return? Each night the villagers take shifts to monitor wave movements. The children often cry, fearing the tsunamis would return. Read More »

Women in the New Millennium


Women in the New Millennium

To welcome the New Millennium and the New year 2001
FFW has published a diary : Women in the new Millennium.
The Diary is in full color, bilingual printing, 128 pages,
14 cm x 21.50 cm, sized, 150 baht each.
It contains 24 high quality reproduction of contemporary arts work 
by 19 remowned Thai women artists.

The content of the diary is about women's movement in thailand,
from the past to present, which includes women's role in labour movement,
political participation and social development. 

it also includes list of women's organizations in Thailand. 
The proceeds from the sale of the diary will go to women and girls in projects 
under the care of FFW.

Rural Women's Educational Media


Rural Women's Educational Media

Women's Educational Media try to point out 

that women's problems are not isolated from social problems,

Moreover, they are relevant to the socio-economic, 

political and cultural structure. The analysis of and some solutions to women's problems 

have to be relevant to the structures mentioned.





In the Northeastern part of Thailand, 
drought and umemployment cause labour migration 
to the towns and cities especially Bangkok.

Women and girls face low-paid employment, 
sexual prejudice and sexual harassment. 
Many of them are drawn or forced into prostitution.

To tackle northeastern prostitution, 
the Kamla Project published Kamkaew, 
a story of a young girl called Kamkaew from the Northeast. 
Her Life in Bangkok was not easy, which is why she was forced into prostitution. 

The Story is intended to make young girls 
and related persons aware 
of the current situation of child prostitution.